Global Imagery And Shaded Relief - Asia And Australia

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The DHS Acronyms, Abbreviations, and Terms DAAT list contains homeland security related acronyms, abbreviations, and terms that can be found in DHS documents. Categorised list of freely available GIS datasets. Includes everything from administrative boundaries to population, and from terrorist incidents to global vegetation. Culture of Australia Wikipedia. The culture of Australia is a Western culture, derived primarily from Britain but also influenced by the unique geography of Australia, the diverse input of Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and other Oceanian people. The British colonization of Australia began in 1. Evidence of a significant Anglo Celtic heritage includes the predominance of the English language, the existence of a democratic system of government drawing upon the British traditions of Westminster Government, Parliamentarianism and constitutional monarchy, American constitutionalist and federalist traditions, Christianity as the dominant religion, and the popularity of sports originating in or influenced by the British Isles. Australian culture has diverged significantly since British settlement. Aboriginal people are believed to have arrived as early as 6. Aboriginal art in Australia dates back at least 3. Several states and territories had their origins as penal colonies, with the first British convicts arriving at Sydney Cove in 1. Stories of outlaws like the bushranger Ned Kelly have endured in Australian music, cinema and literature. The Australian gold rushes from the 1. Australia, including the miners Eureka Stockade rebellion. The colonies established elected parliaments and rights for workers and women before most other Western nations. Federation in 1. Heidelberg School painters and writers like Banjo Paterson, Henry Lawson and Dorothea Mackellar. The World Wars profoundly altered Australias sense of identity, with World War I introducing the ANZAC legend, and World War II seeing a reorientation from Britain to the United States as the nations foremost major ally. After the second war, 6. Australians grew increasingly aware of their proximity to Asia. Over time, the diverse food, lifestyle and cultural practices of immigrants have been absorbed into mainstream Australian culture. Development of Australian cultureedit. A Luritja man demonstrating method of attack with boomerang under cover of shield 1. The oldest surviving cultural traditions in Australiaand some of the oldest surviving cultural traditions on earthare those of Australias Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Their ancestors have inhabited Australia for between 4. In 2. 00. 6, the Indigenous population was estimated at 5. Most Aboriginal Australians have a belief system based on the Dreaming, or Dreamtime, which refers both to a time when ancestral spirits created land and culture, and to the knowledge and practices that define individual and community responsibilities and identity. Conflict and reconciliation between indigenous and non indigenous Australians has been a source of much art and literature in Australia, and ancient Aboriginal artistic styles and iconic inventions such as the boomerang, the didgeridoo and Indigenous Australian music have become symbols of modern Australia. Governor Arthur Phillip hoists the British flag over the new colony at Sydney in 1. The arrival of the first British settlers at what is now Sydney in 1. Western civilisation to the Australian continent. Although Sydney was initially used by the British as a place of banishment for prisoners, the arrival of the British laid the foundations for Australias democratic institutions and rule of law, and introduced the long traditions of English literature, Western art and music, and Judeo Christian ethics and religious outlook to a new continent. The British Empire expanded across the whole continent and established six colonies. The colonies were originally penal colonies, with the exception of South Australia, which was established as a free colony with no convicts and a vision for a territory with political and religious freedoms, together with opportunities for wealth through business and pastoral investments. Contact between the indigenous Australians and the new settlers ranged from cordiality to violent conflict, but the diseases brought by Europeans were devastating to Aboriginal populations and culture. According to the historian Geoffrey Blainey, during the colonial period Smallpox, measles, influenza and other new diseases swept from one Aboriginal camp to anotherĀ . The main conqueror of Aborigines was to be disease and its ally, demoralisation. William Wentworth established Australias first political party in 1. New South Wales. From the 1. Constitutional Monarchies with Queen Victoria as the head of state. Womens suffrage in Australia was achieved from the 1. Women became eligible to vote in South Australia in 1. This was the first legislation in the world permitting women to stand for political office and, in 1. Catherine Helen Spence became the first female political candidate. Though constantly evolving, the key foundations for elected parliamentary government have maintained an historical continuity in Australia from the 1. During the colonial era, distinctive forms of Australian art, music, language and literature developed through movements like the Heidelberg school of painters and the work of bush balladeers like Henry Lawson and Banjo Paterson, whose poetry and prose did much to promote an egalitarian Australian outlook which placed a high value on the concept of mateship. Games like cricket and rugby were imported from Britain at this time and with a local variant of football, Australian Rules Football, became treasured cultural traditions. The Commonwealth of Australia was founded in 1. British colonies of Australasia. The Australian Constitution established a federal democracy and enshrined human rights such as sections 4. Swf To Video Converter 4.5 1 Crack Serial Number there. Australian law and included economic rights such as restricting the government to acquiring property only on just terms. The Australian Labor Party was established in the 1. Liberal Party of Australia in 1. Australian politics, though various other parties have been and remain influential. Voting is compulsory in Australia and government is essentially formed by a group commanding a majority of seats in the Australian House of Representatives selecting a leader who becomes Prime Minister. Australia remains a constitutional monarchy in which the largely ceremonial and procedural duties of the monarch are performed by a Governor General selected by the Australian government. Australia fought at Britains side from the outset of World War One and World War Two and came under attack from the Empire of Japan during the latter conflict. These wars profoundly affected Australias sense of nationhood and a proud military legend developed around the spirit of Australias ANZAC troops, who came to symbolise the virtues of mateship, courage and endurance for the nation. The Australian colonies had a period of extensive multi ethnic immigration during the Australian gold rushes of the latter half of the 1. Federation in 1. 90. Parliament instigated the White Australia Policy that gave preference to British migrants and ensured that Australia remained a predominantly Anglo Celtic society until well into the 2. Century. The post World War II immigration program saw the policy dismantled by successive governments, permitting large numbers of Southern European, and later Asian and Middle Eastern migrants to arrive. The Menzies Government 1. Holt Government dismantled the legal barriers to multi ethnic immigration and by the 1. Whitlam and Fraser Governments were promoting multiculturalism. Countries of birth of Australian estimated resident population, 2.