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Professional auto diagnostic tools supplier, special at providing vehicle workshop diagnostic software solution and OBD II products online support. Cummins_INSITE_Service_Tool_820_1220161.jpg' alt='Insite Keygen Download' title='Insite Keygen Download' />Artisteer web design generator for Joomla templates, Wordpress themes, Drupal themes, Blogger templates and DNN skins. Hey all Im sure youre wondering. Ost To Pst Converter Full Version With Crack Serial Numbers there. What is a FODMAP and why the heck am I posting a meal plan about it Oh good questions And dont worry,  I plan on diving into both topics before we jump the the actual meal plan. Sound goodDisclaimerPlease note that I am not a medical or FODMAP nutritional professional. I am simply sharing my own experiences nutritional tips on this post. FODMAPS food sensitivity varies per person, so please work with a FODMAP SpecialistNutritional professional before starting this meal plan. I list a few Specialist belowThanks  FODMAPs are found in the foods we eat. FODMAPs is an acronym abbreviation referring to Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides and Polyols. Fermentable. Oligosaccharides ex Fructans, which are in a lot of resistant starch vegetables, and Galacto oligosaccharidesDisaccharides ex LactoseMonosaccharides ex high amounts of FructoseA AND Polyols such as Mannitol, Isomalt, Maltitol, Sorbitol, and even Xylitol Ill get to a list of high FODMAP foods soon, but lets sum up the definition first. Basically, FODMAPs are small chain sugars and non digestible not easily digested fibers that can cause to gas, discomfort i. IBS related symptoms. Especially if you gut is inflamed or if you have an imbalance of goodbad bacteria. I cant believe I just used those words in meal plan post. But hey, Im just being honest. I know I talk a lot about resistant starches, and how they can actually help your gut heal, but thats only if you can handle FODMAP foods first. There is no one size fits diet or way to figure it out either. Its trial and error and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND working with a professional or Fodmap Nutritionist first. Sadly, I am not qualified yet, just speaking from experience. Okay,Who should try a low fodmap dietgluten free meal plan and why That depends. Are you suffering from a lot of digestive discomfort and dont know why Even though you eat well and take all the healthy supplements too. Ya, you could have a little fructose intolerance FODMAP. But as I mentioned above, it really is IMPORTANT to work with a practitioner or dietitian that specializes in this area. Kate Scarlata RD is an amazing resource and FODMAP expert She even has a FODMAP Checklist. And EA Stewart is another great RD and resource. EA also has a subscription LOW FODMAP meal plan you can sign up for here Anyway, Ill tell you my story. I think you will be able to relate in one way or another. As many of you know, I contracted a wicked parasite in Africa, back in 2. It made me pretty sick for years and ruined my gut. Even though I didnt know that was the cause. Add stress and over training to the mix and things just got worse. Then I had to have reconstructive colon surgery. All this to say, when youre gut has been through Hell and Back, it needs a lot of love. It needs a reboot of good bacteria. Starcraft 2 Demo Patch'>Starcraft 2 Demo Patch. It needs protection as in a stronger gut lining, and it needs to reduce inflammation. WHOA Thats a lot to do. Heres the thing. I will ALWAYS need to to work on my gut health due to this nature. I wish I could say I never stress and I have perfect health. But no. No I dont. Im human.  The key is to work on one area at a time to tackle any unwanted continualflare ups. Hence this Low FODMAP friendly mealplan. Low, not eliminated. Eliminating multiple food groups wont solve any thing for me personally. It just stresses me out more. The only ongoing elimination you will see from me is gluten, obviously. Going back to the FODMAP friendly gluten free meal plan, the question remains. Who should temporarily try itThe meal plan is best for those struggling with digestive issues, and dont know why, despite a healthy diet. Or if you have had a digestive disorder in the past and are trying to rebuild your gut andor manage its current health. If something feels off, it could be youre just not digesting FODMAPS well. It typically takes 4 6 weeks to heal then properly reintroduce FODMAP FOODS. This is why Cotter Crunch recipes are not strictly paleo or vegan or grain free. Were all about foods that nourish and are well tolerated. Okay, so where are these FODMAPS Heres list to help explain. If you are NEW to FODMAP, this Beginnerss GUIDE is also a helpful RESOURCE. I also recommend checking out MONASH University APP and Low FODMAP List. Its constantly being updated with new research. Examples of high FODMAP foods. High FRUCTOSE  High fructose corn syrup. Honey. Agave Nectar. High Oligosaccharides and Polyols Certain Fruit, such as stone fruit  apples, pears, peaches, pears, plums as well as watermelon. High FODMAP Wheat and Vegetables artichokes, peas, asparagus, cauliflower, mushrooms, garlic, leeksonions. Barley, Rye, and Wheat of course. High LACTOSE foods  Especially milk with sugar. Skim milk, evaporated milk, condensed milk. Soft cheese, fat freesugar yogurts, ice cream, etc. High GOS Galacto Oligosaccharides foods In certain beanslegumes baked beans, kidney beans, bortolotti beans. Chickpeas and lentils may be tolerated down the road. I was able to handle them fine after a few weeks, others may not. I would treat them as high FODMAP to begin. Others to consider Cashews, Soy milk, and even honey. Also sugar alcohols sorbitol, etc. Examples of low FODMAP foods. Foods I tried to incorporate here in this meal plan. Sourced from www. Fruit grapes, bananas, citrus fruit, berries. Grains and starch Whole grain gluten free bread thats low in sugar, quinoa, rice, and gluten free oats. Vegetables Peppers, carrots, cucumber, leafy greens, sprouts, green beans, tomato, zucchini, herbs, potatoes. Dairy products Aged cheese or hard cheese ex brie, cheddar, parmesan, Rice milk Almond or coconut milk in smaller amounts, or organic lactose free milk yogurt in moderationOthers that are low FODMAP friendly Maple Syrup, CoconutPalm sugar, chia seed, pumpkin seeds. Herbs and Certain Spices such as chili, fenugreek, ginger, lemongrass, mustard seeds, pepper,  turmeric, chives green top only, and saffron. Heres an extensive FODMAP flavor list if you need it Meat, eggs, olive oil, poultry, ghee, and seafood  are all pretty safe Now that Ive talked way too much, lets get to the low FODMAP Gluten Free Meal Plan. These meals, snacks, and drinks are all EASY to make and are LOW FODMAP FRIENDLY. Ex If something calls for garliconion, just eliminate it from recipe. Instead of honey, use maple syrup. PLEASE feel free to ask questions. I will do my best to point you in the right direction andor to the right qualified person. REMEMBER LOW FODMAP Meal plans are not forever, just a way to test and reintroduce foods that cause discomfort. Subbing GARLIC AND ONION Try using Garlic infused oil instead of garlic. The stem of green onion is Lower FODMAP. These are suggestions recommended to me by other professionals. Breakfast. Quinoa Banana Bread SnacksHealing Drinks. Easy Baked Jalapeno Cheese CrispsFor lowest Lactose use Aged Cheddar or Swiss Cheese on a pizza or WrapDinnerSkip the garlic and onion or reduce amountEasy Jalapeno Shrimp Veggie Bake.